About Us

What makes us different?

With equipment all over the internet, and sold by many used retail outlets and auctions these days, you just don’t know what you are purchasing.
As a consumer, this gives you lots of choices, but also makes it more confusing to know how to choose.

Frequently, at auction, used equipment is sold for more than new price, and… you find out later that it doesn’t work or it’s missing parts!

You get what you pay for! Price isn’t everything.

Why are we different from other servicers?

Well, to begin with, we are a full-service repair office.

That’s like finding a diamond among pearls!

When we sell used equipment, you can be assured that our service technicians have already gone through the equipment and tested it out. It will work!

As a matter of fact, we guarantee it for 30 days!

We include many professional services and advantages with your food equipment that are not included – or even available at any price from many other services.

For example, we perform a complete test on your equipment before we finish our work.

Sadly, many companies just give your “a lick & a promise” in purchasing and servicing your equipment.

Up front, these offers look like a real bargain, but once the purchaser receives the equipment, they find that is all they get. No professional services.

We follow through to the end with your equipment.