Find Top-Notch Equipment for Your Commercial Kitchen

Turn to us for new and used commercial equipment sales in Waterloo, IA

Are you looking for equipment to stock your commercial kitchen in the Waterloo, Iowa area? A & P Food Equipment, Inc. carries some of the best equipment in town. We sell both new and used commercial kitchen equipment, including commercial grills, to make it possible for you to cook food in large quantities. We can outfit all kinds of commercial facilities in the area, including restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, schools and nursing homes.

A & P can deliver and install your food equipment. You can count on the superior products installed by our professionals. Hire us to make sure you get all your commercial grilling and specialty equipment you need to feed your hungry customers.

What does your kitchen need?

What does your kitchen need?

A & P Food Equipment can deliver and install all of the appliances you need to operate a full-service kitchen. We offer you:

  • Fryers, commercial grills and ovens
  • Steamers
  • Refrigeration
  • Stirring tools and agitators
  • Tanks, pumps and dryers

We also have parts needed to repair your appliances when a part wears out. Call us today at 319-233-9632 to complete your kitchen.